about the power stations


Without power, the simple can become deadly. You can’t power a medical device, communicate in an emergency, run a water pump, or even keep the lights on. These risks are elevated in the mountainous regions of the island, and in the low-income barrios of the city: the challenging terrain and the lack of resources make it difficult to repair electrical grids destroyed by a storm.

The power stations will offer a portable, clean, alternative power-source for their users. Each power station can be recharged in a variety of ways—including solar power.

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Each station can power potentially 12 devices simultaneously. They are rechargeable, reusable sources of energy. They can power laptops, cell phones, lights, water filters, refrigerators—most electrical items you can think of.

And with your help, we can deliver these batteries to first-response teams, health-clinics, and high-risk families that need them now.

Every dollar raised goes directly to deployment of the power stations.

Every unit deployed provides a family with a clean renewable energy source for years.*


*After 1000 full charge cycles, the amount of energy the battery cells can store starts degrading (rate very dependent on temperature and storage conditions). It will store about 90% of its original capacity after 1000 cycles. And slowly, slowly degrade.

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