Last year, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico hard.


Researchers at Harvard now estimate that over 4,000 people were killed. Many of those deaths come from not having power—the hurricane also destroyed 85 percent of the island’s energy grid. Even six months later, over 120,000 people didn’t have electricity to charge their phones, cook their food, power their respirators, or refrigerate their medicine.

Much of the island now has power back, but it’s just a temporary band-aid. The electrical grid is still in shambles. The island’s commissioner of public safety says even a Category 1 storm would revert the island back to blackouts. Meteorologists are predicting this storm season will be even worse than normal. And the season has already begun.


So we came up with a plan:

bring portable, durable, easy-to-use solar power stations to the people of Puerto Rico.


We’ll be focusing on health clinics, first-response teams, and high-risk families in low-income barrios and mountain regions. And thanks to our corporate partners, we can deliver this cutting-edge technology—that doesn’t depend on the weak electrical grid—completely at cost.


But it still costs money—
and that’s where you come in.

Your donation goes straight to powering the lives of families in Puerto Rico. We can help keep kids in school, or keep insulin cool. We can restore normalcy to the island.


Puerto Ricans are Americans

They're our neighbors.


Our government won’t save them—so it’s up to us.


With your help, we can make sure the island never goes dark again.