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Most of them are still using it since in those areas there is still no power.  Personnel also used the units when they went on health missions in order to work onsite (cell phone charge, send emails, etc...).  [They went] around the island and [were] able to help people with health related issues. It's definitely [been] a great, and in some cases, vital help.

- Luis, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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It was almost like having my power restored.



..After [Hurricane] Maria hit Puerto Rico and it was a [blackout] over the island for months. It help me connect a fan during the night and charge my son and mine mobile phone and tablets. Sometimes I charge it [using] a 9volt connector at my car during the day to use it during the night. Best travel battery station that I could use during those awful times.

- Lisa P., Las Piedras, Puerto Rico


When your power is out and you either need to transfer some water from any container that you’ve used to collect rain water or even possibly drain some flooding to a drainage pipe or bathtub [a portable power station] is an awesome combination with a small [water] transfer pump...

I collected a great amount of rainwater to be used for both toilets and also to be filtered if necessary...I had a seamless water transfer and it made life considerably more livable.

It was almost like having my power restored.(Especially because I’m currently personally physically incapable of scooping out and lifting the amount of water that it takes to fill a toilet tank...)


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People come in and attack you to take your generator, to steal your gasoline, including breaking into your car from underneath to steal the gasoline, because there is no other easy way to get some.

- Resident of Aibonito, Puerto Rico


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