Where does the money go?

The Energise Puerto Rico team unloads a car crammed full of batteries and camera gear.

The Energise Puerto Rico team unloads a car crammed full of batteries and camera gear.

Your donation goes directly towards the purchase, shipment, and delivery of the power stations to Puerto Rican residents. In fact, no one on the Energise Puerto Rico team is taking a salary, let alone a cut. Everything goes straight towards powering the island.

We will prioritize:

  • Families residing in high-risk mountainous areas and low-income barrios, since they are the last areas to recover and have the most challenging terrain to repair and maintain power grids.
  • First response teams, so these aid providers can use these portable, reliable energy sources to power vital tools and communication devices, wherever they’re called next.

Why is EcoFlow doing this?


Since the very beginning, we’ve been asked 'What’s the catch? How is it that we want to give with so few string attached?' The answer, we hope, is simple enough: there isn’t one.

We picked EcoFlow because we knew the founder, we knew the product, and they were willing to offer up their amazing power stations at cost. And they were willing to do that because energy equality aligns with their mission, and because it could serve as a powerful proof-point and use case for potential consumers around the world. They can show their values and demonstrate the utility of their product at the same time. It’s a good thing to do, but it’s also a good business decision for them. It’s a win-win.

For that matter, we're working on developing even more partnerships—and if you know someone else interested in donating their resources or time, please, let us know.

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