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Lucila Rivera Cabrera (Lula)

Born 1946, in Barrio Almirante Sur, Vega Baja, Puerto Rico

&  Domingo Roman
     Rosado (Bilingo)

Born 1949, in Barrio Quebrada Arenas, Vega Baja, Puerto Rico

After several years of dating, Lula and Bilingo were married in 1991. When Bilingo's mother died, she left their family home and land to Bilingo. When Bilingo went to claim the property, he found that his father had sold the house. After losing a court battle with the new owners, Lula and Bilingo decided to build a home in Almirante Sur, on her father's property. Lula was working as a seamstress and Bilingo worked at a local bar. The owner of the bar sold the business to Bilingo. Lula quit her job and became the cook and together they turned their local bar into a thriving business.

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Today, everyone in the community fondly remembers them as the kind, friendly owners of the best bar and grill in town. They built their small, quaint home atop the mountainside in Almirante Sur. Bilingo fell very ill with dystrophy, then later with double pneumonia, rendering him bedridden for life. They were forced to sell the business as Lula had to care for Bilingo around the clock. Bilingo is confined to his bed and on a ventilator but he says he was happy to be alive and content being in their home that he had built. On September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria blew that home away. After moving around to different shelters, they moved into Lula's father's home, where they are today.