Justin Hendrix

A half-black, half-German environmentalist-turned-consultant, Justin heard about the Energise project at a wedding and "just had to get involved."

Justin graduated magna cum laude from Amherst College with degrees in Environmental Studies and Geology, though his passion for renewable energy can be traced back to a high school science project.

As a consultant at Bain & Company, Justin has worked with leading US Private Equity and Fortune 500 companies across industries and capabilities, ranging from M&A and due diligence to brand strategy and digital. He has also spent time working in Ghana as Strategy and Partnerships Manager for garment sourcing agency Ethical Apparel Africa, and hopes to continue exploring the intersection between business and environmental/social impact in his career.

His ability to think strategically, align stakeholders, and make pretty slides brought Justin to the Energise team—and he has been thrilled to be contributing ever since.